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Leader Screening - External Training

Already completed a similar Safe Ministry Course?

If you've recently completed a similar type course that explains what issues to be aware of when caring for vulnerable people, you may not need to complete our online course.

Which Course?

When did you complete this training (approximately)?

Know who to speak to...

It's important to know who to speak to if you have any concerns about the safety of vulnerable people at Demo Church.

The Safe Ministry Contacts at Demo Church

If you have a concern about someone's safety, or a concern about how someone's behaved, or you think someone is at risk of being harmed, please contact one of the Demo Church Safe Ministry Contacts below. (These details will be emailed to you also).

Demo Safe Contact 1 (ph: 0402026842 e:

Demo Safe Contact 2 (ph: 0402026842 e:

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